Marketing Automation Platform

Email Marketing

Create automated campaigns with a human touch that use data to target the right user at the right time.

Data Management

Create and manage a database with your own business rules to adapt Tabellarius to fit your workflow.

SMS Marketing

Our platform also allows you to use SMS campaigns and integrate them with your Email marketing messages, social media posts, and your blog’s RSS feed.

Marketing Automation with a Human Touch

Our platform can bring you multiple benefits that will positively impact your work and one of them is our easy-to-manipulate database.

With Tabellarius you can segment your data in a way that’s more relevant for your business, but that’s not the only feature.

Our database comes with its own Time Machine tool that allows you to restore all the content you ever created, including files that were deleted or modified in the past.



Tabellarius is a platform created by a mixed team of marketers and programmers that offers you some amazing features, such as:

  • Creating beautiful, automated emails with a human touch
  • Access to detailed reports that will make you get to know your customers even better.
  • Segmenting your data in a way that’s more relevant for your business
  • Creating and managing your own business rules to better adapt your email marketing to fit your workflow
  • Without any technical skills or support staff!


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What our clients say about Tabellarius?


Leslie Berger

I am really glad I came across the Tabellarius Platform. It’s really user-friendly, flexible and allows you to create very personalized campaigns in an instant.  It is now an integral part of my marketing efforts and I  will gladly recommend it to any marketers out there.

Board member at Die SSG


Daniel Kiteski

This is the best tool for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and freelancers that want to grow their list and their business. Tabellarius has so many useful features and is so flexible, I wouldn’t even classify it as an email marketing tool. It’s much more than that!

Founder of Passport Symphony


Sasho Glosa

Tabellarius allowed us to tailor our emails according to our customers’ needs and send automated emails with a human touch. After Tabellarius, our open rates increased for more than 50%! Plus, their team is always there when we need them and their customer service is impeccable.

CEO at Glosa Studio


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