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Email marketing is not dead, it’s just evolving

  • On 14/10/2019
Email is dead—or at least that’s what the headlines claim. Sure, getting to “inbox zero” might be everyone’s focus today, but brands shouldn’t count out the power of a well-executed email campaign just yet. Why Email Still Works Marketers have argued about the viability of email campaigns ever since email became widely adopted as a marketing channel. And […]
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Things You Should Know About Email Validation

  • On 08/10/2019
Your email list is your most valuable marketing asset. If you don’t take proper care of it, you’ll lose the advantage email gives you over other channels: being able to contact your customers whenever you have a message to send instead of hoping they find you in search or on their social media feeds. The […]
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Cyber Monday Email Inspiration: Some Great Examples for your next campaign

  • On 26/09/2019
Following Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday has fast become the go-to shopping day for techies, lovers of electronics, and, yes, mobile shoppers, too. For companies that have yet to fully embrace the digital world, this year’s Cyber Monday represents the ideal time to run a metaphorical “system update” on your ecommerce […]
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How to re-purpose social media content in your email marketing campaigns

  • On 24/09/2019
In the content marketing hunger games, we race to produce high volumes of original, valuable content. 10xing our way to the top of Google’s search rankings – we rely on project managers, graphic designers, writers, videographers, strategists and compliance teams to ensure everything we publish is a proven winner. We pour hours of time and […]
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Improve your survey response rate with these tips

  • On 17/09/2019
More and more organizations are using surveys as a tool to gather information from customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders with the intention to analyze responses and gain insights on various topics of interest such as customer satisfaction, employee engagement, market research and more. As a result, increased survey response rates translate into more reliable data whilst […]
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How to maximize your email list signups through form placement

  • On 09/09/2019
Email marketers and UX designers have largely figured out where to embed email signup forms and where not to, but many websites still design and place their email list signups in ways that don’t convert. Read on to discover some examples of effective placement for email signup forms that you can test on your own […]
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Writing the perfect apology email- everything you need to know

  • On 05/09/2019
“I can’t wait for the day when I send my first apology email!” said no email marketer ever. An apology email isn’t the best message to have to send, but it certainly doesn’t have to be the worst. The good news is, there are plenty of tools to help you avoid ever having to send one. More […]
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How email marketing automation can help small businesses?

  • On 29/08/2019
Email marketing campaigns help build brand awareness, nurture leads, and drive conversions. However, great email marketing takes a lot of work, especially for small businesses. Enter email marketing automation. Nearly two-thirds of marketing automation efforts are handled by email, and it’s easy to see why. Email automation allows you to send relevant and timely emails, […]
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Why your emails are going to the spam and what can you do about It?

  • On 27/08/2019
Worried about your emails going to the spam folder? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re sharing some common reasons why your emails go to spam instead of the inbox and what you can do to prevent them from doing so in the future. As you’re about to see, you’ll be able to fix […]
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How to choose the right email service provider?

  • On 20/08/2019
Choosing an email service provider to help with email marketing and bulk email services can seem overwhelming. You can narrow down the options by first considering how you will use the service, what your budget is, and how much tech support you will need. Once you determine your needs, you can choose a company that […]
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7 Email Drip Campaigns every brand should use

  • On 12/08/2019
The primary goal of an email drip marketing campaign is to attract the right subscribers and send subscribers highly relevant emails that encourage them to commit to your call to action. Drip campaigns are implemented using marketing automation so you can set up the emails and schedule when each will be sent to the subscribers. This campaign […]
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The Ultimate Guide to Lead Nurturing in 2019

  • On 05/08/2019
When it comes to marketing, lead nurturing is one of the most important steps that lead to success. The better you understand how to capture the interest of potential clients and produce a sales journey, the more easily generate existing leads into paying customers. A lot of companies spend a lot of money on lead […]
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How and where to start with email marketing? Here are some useful tips

  • On 25/07/2019
Despite everything people say, email is still one of the best channels for marketers. Email marketing has an ROI of $44 for every $1 spent which outperforms all social media channels and paid traffic campaigns. Additionally, according to Salesforce, it takes at 6-8 touchpoints before people are ready to buy and you need constant communication […]
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