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How to draft a high-converting email newsletter?

  • On 19/07/2019

In 2019, using an email newsletter to share useful content with audiences is a necessity for businesses from all niches. However, it’s getting harder and harder to maintain a high level of open and click-through rates because of the number of emails sent every day. As you’re reading this, thousands of emails are being sent every second. Marketers send over 270 billion emails every day! Needless to say, everyone’s time is limited and most of the emails we receive remain unopen. If you don’t want this to happen to the emails you’re sending, keep reading. Here are some tips for creating a high-converting email newsletter.

Write a killer subject line create a high-converting email newsletter

This is the main reason why most emails remain unopen or go straight to the trash folder. No matter how good an email is, the reader won’t know if they don’t open it. And there’s no better way to make someone open an email than a compelling subject line. If you’re struggling with this and need some inspiration, check out this list of the best email subject lines for inspiration.

Don’t forget about the preview text

create a high-converting email newsletter

Recently, the preview text is becoming just as important as subject lines. This gives readers a glimpse into what the email is about and you’ll want to summarize your whole email in the preview text whenever that’s possible. If your preview text shows instructions how to read the email online or unclickable links (refer below), not only are you losing a good opportunity to capture the attention of your readers but you’re also increasing the probability of your email going straight to the trash folder.

Work on the design

The next thing you want to pay attention to is the design. Even if your message and subject line are well-written, it won’t be important if your audience can’t read or understand the form of your content. Another thing that’s important to mention is to make sure that all of your emails are mobile-friendly and responsive. There are some problems when you use tools like MailChimp to send emails to Outlook, so be careful when doing this and always make sure that your templates are responsive. Finally, make sure your branding is clear and consistent in all of your emails. This will help create a clear image in your readers’ heads and will help them remember you (which is always a good thing considering the number of emails they receive every they).

Know your audience

know your audience

Getting to know your audience is a great way to boost conversions. Sharing useful insights and learning to think like your customer is key. This will help you create newsletters that will be useful for them and ultimately lead to conversion sooner or later. Additionally, you can also use these insights when drafting promotional emails that will be appealing to your subscribers.

Be consistent

It’s important that your branding and styling is consistent in all of your newsletters. Stick to a clear template, use a single font and similar style pattern. Sending newsletters with different styling every time can be confusing for your readers.

Use email marketing psychology

If you want to succeed in email marketing today, you need to understand your customer. Not an easy task when you have thousands of leads you reach out to every day, isn’t it? That’s why psychology is becoming an increasing factor when it comes to successful email marketing campaigns. Even though this isn’t an easy task, there are some things that make readers read and click, such as:

  • Using fear of missing out (FOMO) – the reason why time-limited discounts work so well.
  • Know which colors elicit which reactions. Learn and apply this effectively in your CTA buttons.
  • Pictures of faces can elicit the emotions shown on those faces. Knowing this, you can use this approach in the pictures in your email templates.

For more information, check out our guide to using psychology in email marketing.

Always use a clear call to action

Even though a simple task, many times marketers get tempted by the opportunity to make the design prettier forgetting that this makes the CTA confusing for the readers. The action you want the readers to take should always be clearly visible (and stand out) in all of your emails and all other components should point towards it (in one way or another).

Use segmentation and make it personal

create a high-converting email newsletter

Using segmentation sounds complex, especially for people outside of the marketing field but it’s actually not. In fact, automated bulk emails don’t work anymore today because customers expect more and segmentation is becoming a necessity. It’s desirable to segment your customers in multiple groups because this effectively segments their interests and allows you to send messages that are catered to one specific group. This gives all your emails a personal touch and your readers will surely appreciate that.

Make it Interactive

One of the newer trends in email marketing and newsletters is interactive content. If you want to stand out from your competitors in your emails, interactivity can certainly help you. One of the most common samples of interactivity in emails is the use of GIFs or short videos. However, this doesn’t mean you should send emails filled with GIFs or use only GIfs in your emails. Make sure that the context is relevant, despite which interactive module you’re using.

Steal Great Ideas

email marketing mistakes

When you don’t have any fresh ideas, you can always get inspiration from other high-converting emails used by other companies. You can do this by subscribing to your competitors’ email marketing newsletters – or any other newsletters that interest you. Other good ways to come up with some great ideas for your newsletters are following threads on sites like Quora and Reddit where people search answers to particular topics.

By following the steps above, you can be sure that all of your future email newsletter campaigns will be not only high converting, but also useful for your audience by addressing (some of) their needs (or concerns). By developing insights, movement and incorporating interactivity into your emails, your open rates from customers and prospects alike are sure to skyrocket.



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