Marketing Automation Platform  

Data Management

Our grid features more than 20 filters that can help you segment your data and you can even add more customized filters.

You can also create your own filters to help you learn more about the people behind the metrics and get information that can help you target the right person at the right time.


Grid & Time Machine

Protect your data without losing flexibility but we also have something no other marketing automation platform has. Tabellarius has its own Time Machine that allows you to restore all the content you ever created, even if you deleted or modified it in the past.

Detailed Analytics

Get detailed reports about which approaches work and which don’t. Tabellarius provides you with detailed reports that will make you get to know your customers even better.

What your customers want, where are they from, who opened the message, who reacted and much more.


Email Marketing

Through our innovative and easy-to-use fully-integrated marketing platform, Tabellarius enables brands around the world to deliver automated but personalized emails at a scale.

If you want to keep the messages you send to your customers away from the spam, choose Tabellarius!

SMS Marketing

Customers today spend a lot of time on their smartphones and SMS marketing is a great way to develop a better relationship with them.

Additionally, customers today expect instant responses and the last thing you need is switching between tools to check for new messages.


Template Editor

Our platform comes with a drag-and-drop newsletter editor that will make your life much easier.

Not only can you create your emails with our drag-and-drop builder but also choose from our personalized ready-to-send templates for multiple different occasions with only one click.

Automated Campaigns

Tabellarius’s automation feature allows you to make sure your subscribers get the right emails at the right time. It might take you some time to get the hold of it but once you do, the possibilities are endless.

You can pre-set your own rules and define special triggers and timelines, fully customize all of your messages, and make all of your mass emails look like they’re personalized.


Form Creation

Use our form creator to design visually-appealing forms that you can use anywhere on your website by simply copy and pasting a few lines of code.

Whether you’re looking to generate leads, conduct surveys, find job applicants or register guests for an event, our form builder allows you to create customized forms that will seamlessly fit with your website and more importantly, make sure that you’re collecting information and consent in a legal and ethical manner.

Email Validation

Our platform comes with an email validator that automatically validates all of your email addresses on-the-fly. We’ll let you know if all of your emails are properly formatted and verify that its mailbox exists and is able to receive messages.

We’ll give you all these details without ever sending an email. Simply upload all of your emails and let Tabellarius do all the work.


Landing Pages

Are you looking to create a new landing page for your campaign? With Tabellarius, you don’t need to struggle anymore! You can choose from our ready-to-use templates or create new landing pages that can seamlessly fit in with your website.


With our API, you can create and manage your own business rules in order to adapt your marketing automation activities to your specific needs.

This means that you can seamlessly integrate the Tabellarius Platform within your system.



Most email marketing providers use shared data servers but Tabellarius comes with a dedicated data server with high capacity, high reliability, and low latency.

With Tabellarius, you don’t share your server with other users. This means your spam score and bounce rate depends entirely on the emails you send.

A tool that helps you be GDPR compliant

Tabellarius makes it easy to grow your data list, send from your campaigns, and learn from your past experiences—all while protecting your customers’ personal data. The GDPR and all other data privacy regulations are very important to us and our platform helps our clients become GDPR-compliant.

With our platform, you can automatically adjust your database to (for instance) permanently delete some data that has to be deleted, respond quickly to data requests from your contacts, generate reports required by the new GDPR regulations, and most importantly- make sure to collect the marketing permission you need (via our GDPR-friendly data collection forms) in a legal and ethical manner, the rest is done by Tabellarius.


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