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How to re-purpose social media content in your email marketing campaigns

  • On 24/09/2019

In the content marketing hunger games, we race to produce high volumes of original, valuable content.

10xing our way to the top of Google’s search rankings – we rely on project managers, graphic designers, writers, videographers, strategists and compliance teams to ensure everything we publish is a proven winner.

We pour hours of time and effort into every piece of content and then what? After publishing across a few channels, what do you do with the fruits of your labor?

For many, the answer is ‘not much at all’. That’s because all too often marketers miss out on opportunities to repurpose content in order to give it new life (and new engagement).

One of the many reasons we repurpose content is to make it perform better across social media platforms. Let’s explore this marketing strategy and look at some ways to put it into practice.

Turn posts into infographics

People like infographics – a lot. That’s not surprising, either, when you consider that 90 per cent of information is transmitted to the brain visually.

Take a look at your content and think about which pieces could lend themselves to an infographic design. Infographics are often used to show off compelling statistics or illustrate the steps in a process, but they can be more text-rich than that.

This infographic about how writing affects your brain, for example, includes as many words as a standard blog post, but is presented in a much more visually appealing format.

When you’re turning written content into an infographic, keep the following in mind:

*Make it eye-catching – if it’s not nice to look at, you may as well just reshare your blog,

*Images should be relevant – only visuals that make sense will help memory retention,

*Keep it simple and focussed – your infographic will be overwhelming if there’s too much information for users to take in.

Make a case study based on your company’s internal data

“If your company has any kind of internal data, consider turning it into a case study,” suggests Eric Sachs of the Sachs Marketing Group. “Reach out to current and past clients to see how your products/services have helped them reach their goals. Or, run tests in your own website and save the data to use. Case studies can help you earn trust and credibility since they show your customers how you can help them, too.”

Leverage your best-selling products

“If you sell products online, send periodic emails sharing your best sellers,” writes Kate Kiefer-Lee. “You can use an image and product description you already have on your site. It’s a great way to introduce your customers to items they might not think about while giving your best sellers a boost.

Create Clever Roundups

If you have a lot of different content, like blog posts, infographics, guides or anything similar, you can always put it in a nice and well-organized list and send it to your subscribers. All you have to do here is find a common ground between these different pieces of content, connect it in a way so that it makes sense and send it to people on your list.

We do this all the time here at AltusHost. Every one of our roundups has a clear theme that makes it easy for us to combine some of our existing content with original pieces that we create solely for these specific newsletters.

In most cases, we use this framework to give our users a chance to immediately read the entire blog series on a particular subject or problem, without being forced to dig through our website.

Make a webinar inspired by a piece of content

Two social media trends to expect in 2018 – content will become more useful and video will remain king.

Embrace both by getting online to record a webinar-based around the content you’ve already produced. Platforms like Facebook Live are great for webinars because they allow users to drop in and comment in real-time.

Go to an old evergreen post for inspiration

Update old posts

Have a high-performing piece of content in your archives you wish you could just create again? Well, you can.

Chances are, if a topic was compelling and engaging a few years ago, it still is today. You may simply need to go in, update some facts, beef it up with new statistics and publish again.

Look through analytics reports to create your ‘content hall of fame’. Then, see how you can give your work a fresh lick of paint.

This doesn’t stop at changing dates – to get the most bang for your buck, you should also conduct keyword research and change the main keyword to a more lucrative one, add rich media and social embeds, and do just about everything you can to 10x the piece to today’s modern standards.

Create a course from an ebook or blog posts

“Got an informative how-to ebook or a collection of related, instructional blog posts?” asks Megan Totka at Wishpond. “Break up your ebook (or organize your blog posts) into logical segments, and use an autoresponder to deliver each session to new subscribers at timed intervals, along with your marketing message and call-to-action at the end of each session.”

Create eBooks

A great way to repurpose your content is to make it into an ebook. All you have to do is recycle your content into one big, greatly designed, and coherent story. An innovative way to promote it is to share parts of it via social media and email.

Chapter titles, chapter summaries, and even chapter or paragraph illustrations can become a valuable asset in your email marketing strategy, if you, of course, link it back to that dedicated landing page where people can buy your ebook or download it for free.

You can split the content within your ebook anyway you want to. You can create all sorts of teasers that give the people just a sample of what’s your new content all about. You can split it up and mix it any way you want to. You can even give them a free copy as a thank you for being on your email list.

Apart from giving your current subscribers something to keep them interested in your work, e-books can even help you grow your email list.  How? – By offering your leads a free copy of it in exchange for their email address.

In the internet marketing field, I see a lot of people giving away free stuff to other people as a bribe to join their email list. Why? – Well, because once they have your email, they can remarket you in all sorts of different ways.

The possibilities are endless. It all depends on your goals and creativity. The thing that makes this a great way to reuse content is the reduction of actual work that you need to do in order to create original pieces from scratch.




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