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An interview with the founder of Tabellarius: Dejan Andreevski

  • On 22/01/2019

1. Let’s start with an introduction of yourself. Who is Dejan Andreevski?

Hmm, I think I would describe myself as a solution-oriented person. My slogan is: if you do not do it, who will. Of course, I also have an asynchronous career. From the historian of economics, I ended up in IT/communication.


2. What is the origin story of Letimo/Tabellarius?

Tabellarius email

I have gained experience in Business Communication during my previous work. I got to know different IT systems. Other solutions and applications buzzed me from the beginning. When we (myself and my wife) decided to establish our own company and gathered a team together, we knew that together we would do it better.


3. What would you say is the core value that guides this company?

The creative spirit. We bring together young creative people and give them the freedom to take initiative.


4. What do you find to be the biggest challenge for a startup?

I think it’s the stamina. I know that we have the best product and, in particular, the best service-offer. The future users do not know this yet. Trust is hard to build and it takes perseverance to build trust.


5. What words would you use to describe your team?

As I already said, it was only after the team was put together that I knew we were better. Our team is just great. These are people who tackle things.


6. Which skills and qualities would you say are necessary in order to be a great leader?

I think I’m still a long way from being a great leader, but what I’ve learned so far is that you have to be prepared for failures, mistakes or mishaps. Mistakes can happen and is annoying at this moment, but if you realize what you have succeeded before and will succeed after, then this one mistake seems tiny.


7. Where do you see Tabellarius in 5 years’ time?

We will do everything we can to keep the Tabellarius platform not only up to date but also leading the way. Letimo, on the other hand, will grow, tackle new projects, and thus help make our world a little easier. What is very important to me personally is that Letimo can offer a lot of good people a safe job and thus ensures their existence.


8. If you could have any superpower – what would it be?

Dejan Andreevski Tabellarius

Of course, I would want to have the ability to create an immediate and larger effect with everything I do. But if I had to do it with an unfair advantage, then I would prefer not to have a superpower.


9. What would you say to the person that reads this and has an idea for a startup but is too afraid of failure?

Starting a company is one way of making a difference in this world. If your way to make this difference is through your startup idea, then do not wait, but act!




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