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Tabellarius Digital Marketing: Grow Your Business On An Autopilot

  • On 06/07/2020

Dear Reader,

After a whole year of hard work, we finally managed to launch the latest version of Tabellarius, a software designed to merge digital marketing and data management in order to make your professional life a lot easier.


With Tabellarius, you get a software that’s created by a mixed team of marketers and programmers and combines the best features of email marketing apps available on the market, allowing you to use them in the most time-efficient way.
But that’s not all.
Not only will you get the best features from the most famous marketing automation platforms but you also get something none of them offers.
Tabellarius comes with its very own Time Machine.

What is Time Machine?

The Time Machine is a state-of-the-art feature that allows you to restore all the content you ever created, including files that were deleted or modified in the past.
For example, let’s say you decide to import an excel file with 1.000 contacts. After using it for a few years, you modified the file multiple times. However, you might need your old data from the first modification at some point in the future. Don’t worry: the time machine can take you back in time and restore all the data you need.

What about digital marketing?

Tabellarius allows you to integrate your email marketing messages, SMS campaigns, social media posts, and your blog’s RSS feed in one place. With Tabellarius, you can easily create and schedule automated emails/SMS or choose from our ready-to-send templates for different occasions. Finally, you can personalize your emails and SMS campaigns with placeholders derived from 20 different filters. Searching for contacts that have similar interests doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore.

API that enables you to create your own business rules

Our API allows you to implement our features in a way that works with your requirements.
But, that is not everything that Tabellarius software offer. If you want to learn more about Tabellarius, check out our features page.



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