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As a company that takes data security and privacy very seriously, the security of our customers’ information is a priority for us.

We avoid exposing too many details regarding our practices (as it can empower those same people we are protecting ourselves against) but in this section you can find some general information to show you how we secure the data entrusted to us. Finally, the protection of all of your data is guaranteed by Letimo.
  • Tabellarius delivers thousands of emails every month. We use multiple MTAs, placed in different world-class data centers around the globe.
  • Our data centers manage physical security 24/7 and
  • All of our data centers have DDOS mitigation.
  • All of our databases are kept separate in order to prevent overlap and corruption. Additionally, we use multiple layers of logic to segregate all user accounts from each other.
  • We regularly back up all account data.

All of the messages sent with Tabellarius are TLS-protected. That means that when a connection is made it always establishes a STARTLS protocol with a receiving mail server.

Furthermore, all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted via an SSL certificate. Protecting Ourselves from You?
No matter how secure our platform is, if your computer gets compromised and someone gets into your Tabellarius account, that’s a problem for both, you and us.

  • That’s why we actively monitor and will suspend accounts that show signs of irregular or suspicious login activity.
  • Certain changes to your account, such as password changes, will trigger email notifications to the account owner.
  • In addition to our scalable algorithms, we have an extra layer of human reviewers, who monitor for suspicious activities and anomalous accounts.
  • We provide a 2-Factor Authentication to our customers upon request.
Investing in our Privacy

Our legal team partners with our developers to make sure our products comply with all applicable international spam, privacy, and privacy laws.

Responsible Disclosure

If you’ve discovered a vulnerability in our platform, please don’t share it publicly. Instead, submit a report to us directly via the form below.

We review all security concerns and take a proactive approach to security issues. In today’s digitalized world, new security issues and attacks appear every day.

Tabellarius and Letimo strive to stay on top of the latest security developments by working with external security researchers and companies but the community’s efforts are crucial to creating a more secure web.

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