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What is email marketing automation and why you need it?

  • On 24/06/2019

With all the most recent trends in digital marketing, it’s quite evident that email is as still the most dominant and cost-effective channel. In the US, the normal ROI for email is $44 for every $1 spent. When used in the right way, email marketing can still achieve amazing results, unlike what many people say. According to Hubspot, more than 49% of businesses worldwide use some form of email automation in their daily activities to help streamline their marketing and increase their revenues. So, if you belong to the 51%, there are some serious arguments why you should consider to start utilizing email marketing more. This article will show you what is email automation and why and how should you use it to send timely, personal, and above all, relevant emails that will increase your customer engagement, and ultimately, your profits.

What is email automation?

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Email marketing automation allows you to send out emails to your subscribers based on triggers and events which you, as a user, can predefine. For example, when someone subscribes to your email list, you can set an automation that will automatically send that user a welcome email. However, you should distinguish email marketing automation from standard bulk mailing tools. The main difference between the two is the context. Email marketing automation uses context to add another layer of personalization to all emails that you send to your customers. For example, bulk mailing tools are used to send the same message to a big group of people. Email automation is capable of sending different variations of a message to different groups of people based on their previous interactions with your brand.

With that being said, let’s see which are the basic…

Types of email automation

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The two main types of email marketing automation are behavior-based and time-based email automation.

Behavior-based email automation allows you to personalize the messages and the time at which you send your emails. For example, you can send different emails to two subscribers that performed different actions on your website; you can send a welcome email to a new subscriber or you can send targeted emails to people that previously downloaded an e-book or some other promotional material from your website.

Time-based automation delivers emails on a certain date, time, or delays which are predefined by the user. For instance, you can send a welcome series of five emails to your new subscribers that can be sent over the course of the next five weeks.

Now that we explained the two basic types of email automation, you should distinguish between…

Transactional emails and commercial emails

Transactional emails are the ones you send to people that have bought something from your website. These emails contain information unique to that individual buyer and its transaction details. These emails are usually triggered by an event that involves a transaction on your website. For example, when you buy something from eBay, you automatically receive an email that confirms your order and gives you your transaction details.

However, note that not all transactional emails are related to a financial transaction. Transactional emails might also feature account updates, password resets, different kinds of reminders, etc.

Commercial or marketing emails, on the other hand, are emails sent to prospects or potential customers. These emails have a commercial purpose and are sent to a previously defined target group at a previously defined point in the future.

For example, you can decide to send all of your customers a promotional Christmas offer for the holiday season. Other examples of commercial emails include promotional newsletters, sales campaigns, and welcome email sequences.

Now that you’re starting to get a grip of what email marketing automation is, let’s see…

Why should you use email marketing automation?

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The main benefits of using email automation are:


Email automation saves users a lot of time by creating a sequence that will be sent to the right user at the right time automatically. Imagine how much time would you need if you would have to go through the whole process of sending a different email to users that performed a different action on your website individually!

Timely Delivery

Email automation makes sure that the right user gets the needed email at the right time. If someone contacts you on your website or downloads an ebook or something else from your website, you can use marketing automation to send them an automated sequence of several different emails in the next couple of weeks.

Better open and click-through rates

When the user expects the email and receives in a timely manner, it’s only natural to expect that the open and click-through rates will be higher. Triggered emails and auto-respondents usually have much better open and click-through rates than regular newsletters. Additionally, this will also improve your sender reputation and might help you get more emails straight to your subscribers’ inbox.

A few words for the end

Hopefully, this article gave you an idea of what email marketing automation is and why do you need it. By now, you might be wondering how can you start sending these automated emails. There are many different tools on the market that provides this service but not many are as simple as Tabellarius. Tabellarius is a state-of-the-art marketing automation tool that combines marketing automation and data management and uses machine learning that constantly helps you improve your results!

I know this sounds complicated but it’s actually quite simple. And you can start using it for free! No setup fees, no obligations.




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